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Business Litigation & Complex Trial Practice

White and Bright’s business litigation practice is a diverse practice representing clients in all facets of litigation from case evaluation, mediation and arbitration, through trial in California and Federal Courts.

Our attorneys understand that sometimes it is important to win, and sometimes it is important to resolve a dangerous case in an economical manner.  In that vein, we always strive to obtain a cost-effective resolution for a client, whether through early settlement, mediation or arbitration, pre-trial hearings, or an appearance at trial.  Invariably, our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to obtain the best outcome possible in all of our litigation matters.

Our attorneys understand that businesses have to deal with many practical, financial, competitive, and strategic challenges to overcome today’s challenges and make a profit. Our attorneys work with our business clients to develop strategic plans in order to effectively manage litigation and plan to engineer the best outcome possible. We collaborate with our clients so that we better understand their business.  We believe we need to understand our client’s business in order to effectively represent the client’s business interests.

We understand the financial pressures that businesses operate under and we work with our clients to address these pressures by charging reasonable rates, creating targeted litigation plans, developing accurate budget estimate, and above all else, developing the right strategy to obtain the best outcome possible. We are guided by the principal that there is no substitute for preparation and experience when it comes to litigating a case.

White and Bright’s litigation team has successfully tried dozens of cases in areas as varied as:

  • anti-competitive practices and professional malpractice
  • broker disputes
  • community property
  • construction and real estate
  • contracts
  • corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • insurance
  • landlord/tenant litigation
  • planning and zoning
  • torts and personal injury
  • wills and trusts
  • and many more

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