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Business Entities & Transactions

At White and Bright we offer individualized entity formation and business planning. We work with our clients to first, determine the best choice of entity in which to operate their business; second, assist in the ongoing maintenance of the entity; and finally, always keep the big picture of what is going to happen when the client no longer desires to continue the business in mind. From Partnerships and Joint Ventures to Limited Liability Companies and Corporations, we handle every aspect of the entity formation including, drafting the agreements, bylaws, and buy-sells, as well as filing the necessary paperwork with the State and IRS, and funding the entity. After formation we can assist with the ongoing maintenance by advising the client on the requirements or actually maintaining the entity documents in our offices.

Liability protection, ongoing maintenance requirements, tax implications and how to best pass the business on to the next generation are all important factors that are taken into account. In determining what choice of entity best meets each individual client’s goals, we work closely with not only our clients, but their other advisors. We have very good working relationships with our clients’ CPAs and rely heavily on these professionals to determine the best tax structure for the client’s particular business. We work closely with our client’s estate planning attorneys, regardless of if they are with White and Bright or not. Business succession planning is a large part of this practice area. We get to know our clients, their families and their businesses so that we can offer the best advice to each individual client based on their unique situation. The clients we represent cover every imaginable type of business, from builders to car dealers, real estate investors to farmers.

Business Entities and Selection

What kind of business entity should you use?  You can run a business as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited partnership (LP), a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation.  If you are considering forming a corporation, should you elect “S” status?  How should the financing be allocated between debt and equity?  How often should the managers have a summit meeting, and how should those meetings be recorded?  Our transactional professionals have years of experience to help you decide how to form your business entity.


Is a non-compete agreement enforceable?  What if my partner gets a divorce?  Is this lease fair?  Shareholder agreements, business sales, leasing and purchasing real estate, equipment leasing and lender financing are among the many kinds of transactions we are familiar with.  We can assist at any stage of the transaction before document signing.  Contact our transactions team for help in evaluating and reviewing any important transaction.

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