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David S. Bright has over 40 years of litigation experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in real estate disputes, business cases, and trust administration litigation. Mr. Bright has tried scores of cases to jury verdict, bench trial judgments, arbitration awards and administrative law judge decisions. Mr. Bright has represented parties in hundreds of mediations and he knows what it takes to get a case settled on fair terms for all parties. Mr. Bright has served as a mediator and judge pro tem for the California Superior Court for over a dozen years. Mr. Bright graduated Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, a comprehensive and leading international program which provides comprehensive mediation training. In the early 1990’s, Mr. Bright helped initiate the North County Superior Court’s two-attorney settlement panel program to resolve cases sooner rather than later.

Bright Mediations Confidentiality Agreement

Contact Bright Mediations for our Confidentiality Agreement.

Contact Bright Mediations and Reserve a Session

To schedule and reserve a mediation session, please contact his assistant at (760) 747-3200. Unless other arrangements are made, all mediations take place at the offices of White and Bright.

White and Bright, LLP
970 Canterbury Place
Escondido, California 92025
Phone: (760) 747-3200
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Mediation Rates

Please contact our office for applicable rates.

Reservations and Deposit

An initial deposit shall be equal to the time reserved for the mediation session as set forth above (i.e. a half day mediation deposit shall be $1400). The deposit will be allocated equally among the parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing, and will be invoiced by White and Bright directly to the responsible attorney or party, as requested. In order to reserve a time and date for your mediation, White and Bright must receive the initial deposit from all parties within the time period as set forth on your Deposit Invoice. When the full deposit is received within this time period, the session is deemed confirmed. In the event all parties have not paid their pro rata share of the deposit in a timely manner, the scheduled mediation session may be vacated and offered to parties in other cases.

Cancellation Policy and Postponement

If the mediation is cancelled or postponed less than fourteen (14) calendar days before the scheduled mediation session, the attorney/party requesting the cancellation or postponement shall be charged and be responsible for 50% of the deposit. In the event Bright Mediations schedules another matter for the vacated session date and reserved time, the cancellation or postponement charge will be waived or modified. An additional deposit will be required, as set forth above, in order to confirm any rescheduled mediation session.
There is no charge for a mediation cancelled or postponed fifteen (15) calendar days or more prior to the schedule mediation session.

Mediation Briefs

Mediation briefs are to be served at least three (3) calendar days prior to the mediation. The parties shall designate whether the brief is intended to be “confidential,” although Bright Mediations encourages parties to provide each other with opposition briefs prior to mediation. The mediation briefs can be in letter or pleading form. Please provide a factual and procedural history of the case, the operative pleadings, and any statutory or case law supporting your position.

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